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why a blog? Do churches even have blogs? Maybe it's not common but here's the intention and vision for the blog...

A blog is such a fun way to share with the community and church! We want to share real life stories, biblical information, ministry highlights or updates, and impacting content here on the anchor news blog.

As churches continue to grow, we can miss out on what god is doing in the lives and ministries of others. We start feeling unconnected and not included. It isn't intentional, it's just hard to get deeper when there's more going on and more people to meet. It's exciting, but can be hard.

The blog is here to hopefully keep a deeper connection with your church family. If you need a place to go and be informed in order to stay involved, you can check out the blog.

Maybe you are considering joining a ministry, but you aren't the type to leap right in. We want the blog to cover different ministies, so eventually the ministry you are considering will be covered in this blog. Maybe one of the personal stories touches you in a way that confirms that the ministry for you is going on! That could be the final step to finding where God is calling you to serve!

Maybe you want the truth backed up in a biblical way. We want to share posts based right out of the bible. Some blogs will include further sermon incites or a mini devotional. Maybe you want to know the truth, but you hear different explanations so you're confused. Anchor church takes sharing the truth seriously, even if it hurts. If you have a desire to follow and obey Christ, you will want to grow. You aren't able to grow if you think you are already good where you are. Something to think about. Anyway, we want to share biblical information with you on the blog so we can all grow as a church together! believe us, we are not perfect. We don't claim to be.

Maybe you're health hinders you from coming to church and keeping your connections strong. Your heart wants to keep serving, but physical serving just isn't possible anymore. Maybe reading a blog will encourage you That god is still working. Maybe you can connect with the leader of a ministry after reading a blog featuring the ministry they are leading and can coordinate a way that you can still help serve from home. Without the blog, you might not even know about the ministry and what is going on through the ministry. This blog is here to help you help!

If you are wondering who is writing, it's krystal. I grew up journaling and creating, which was so enriching I never stopped! If you have a story of how god is working in your life or would like a story to be shared in a ministry you are a part of, come see me. I would love to share it on our blog! Of course, all glory goes to god through the testimonies (personal stories). Names can be removed, just in case you feel more comfortable sharing.

If you have a story to share, email me: and I can work with you to create a blog featuring your ministry or story. Feel free to just share a little quote or write the whole blog post, if that is what you think God is calling you to do! I know I'm not the only one with the love of writing and I am more than willing to have a guest writer! If you know me, I'm up for anything!

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